Kathy Connolly

Artist-in-Residence, Beach Street Studios

Artist Statement

I am a painter and printmaker, specializing in monotype. Monotype offers me the chance to both design a series and work spontaneously. I can experiment with different mediums and surprise myself with the results. My inspiration comes from seemingly ordinary places: the stand of trees at the end of my road or the intricate structure of a seashell.

Because monotypes are usually printed while the paint is wet the artist must work quickly, so I try to plan my designs carefully. Sometimes I sketch a design on tracing paper, reverse it and position it under the plexiglass plate to provide the structure for my painting. Mixing the inks before I begin to work on the plate and testing the color palette beforehand helps to control the results. Brayers or rollers are used to apply layers of paint. I can use the side of the brayer or the odd kitchen utensil to make lines where needed and then use a rag to wipe out areas and add a new color. As a last step, paint is removed or blocked out from those areas that are to appear white in the final print. These sections are often the most exciting areas when the final print is pulled.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my life as an artist is the inspiration and support I find at Beach Street Studios. Working with other artists encourages me to continue to develop as an artist. Recently, I have been working at The Liz Shepherd Studio in Boston’s South End. Under Liz’s direction I am learning more about digital printmaking.

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Web Site: www.kathyconnolly.com


Endicott College Art Gallery, Beverly MA, 2009
Mingo Gallery, Beverly MA, 2002, 2008
Tewkbury Library, Tewsbury MA, 2007
University Place, Cambridge MA, 2006
Great House Crane Estate, Ipswich MA, 2005, 2006
Manchester Town Hall, Manchester MA 1999-2005
Essex Greenbelt Association, Art in the Barn, Essex MA, 2003
Hamilton-Wenham Library, Wenham MA, 2002
Attleboro Art Museum, Newport RI, 1999


Sit & Ponder    Chairs for Children, Pathways for Children, Gloucester MA, 2006
Lobstarry Night    Installation, Pathways for Children, Gloucester MA, 2005
Apple Trees    Oil on Canvas, Gift of Notre Dame Montessori, Parents Association, Wenham MA, 2005
Portrait Commissions
Dyane and Andrew Cotreau
Sue and Bart Geer
Jennifer and James Buchanan
Ira and Sue Evans


Betsy And Jeff Cunningham, Manchester MA
Sheila and Herb Collins, Gloucester MA
Dr. Robert Spingler, South Hamilton, MA
Hospice of the North Shore, Danvers MA
Dawna and Ray Ozzie, Seattle WA
Bonnie and Chris Covington, Boston MA
Susan and David Williams, Beverly Farms MA
Krys and Brian Owen, Manchester MA
Maureen Lantz, Hamilton MA
Marysue and Bill Emhiser, Bittiford Pond, ME
Dyane and Andrew Cotreau, Manchester MA
Pauline and Peter Honigsberg, No, Andover MA
Sara and Vito Canuso, Philadelphia PA
Elaine and Fred Granger, London UK
Kerry and Sean Healy, Boston MA
Eileen and Vincent Reilly, Philadelphia, PA
Gail Snyder, Boston MA


In 1999, I co-founded Beach Street Studios in downtown Manchester. Together with other artists I manage and operate the studio/gallery. The studio provides a setting where I can continue to improve my skills as a painter and printmaker.

Art Education

2005        Pastel Painting – Albert Handel
2001,2004    Monotype- Joyce Zavorskas
2002,2003    Portrait Painting – Robert Cormier
2004        Portrait Painting – Richard Whitney
1996, 1997    Montserratt College of Art
1989, 1990    Massachusetts College of Art


1973        Albertus Magnus College